2D Echocardiogram

  • What is 2D Echocardiogram?

    2 dimensional echocardiograms are a safe and painless procedure that uses a small microphone type device to send high frequency sound waves to the heart. It evaluates the functioning and assess the sections of your heart.

  • How do I prepare for it?

      Lie on your back and left side.
      Electrodes will be attached to your chest to record your heart’s electrical activity (EKG) during the test.
      Gel will be applied to your chest.
      Transducer will be placed on your skin and moved around the area to view the heart from different angles.
      Avoid the use of creams and lotions on the day of your 2D echo appointment
      There are no diet restrictions.
      Please bring a list of medications with you.

  • What does the 2D echo test detect?

    It can detect the pumping strength of heart, blood flow rate, look for structural defects, heart enlargement and fluid buildups.

  • Why is 2D test recommended?

    It provides information to your physician about the diagnose or malfunction of your heart, your doctor can plan the treatment accordingly if there is any developing disease

  • How is 2D echocardiography done?

      Chest is uncovered and a colorless gel is applied to analyses the sound vibrations with transducer.
      The technician moved the transducer across the various parts of the chest.
      The gel helps the transducer get views of the heart, its tissues and structures.
      The remaining gel is removed after the test.

    It takes 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the test.

  • Is there any side effect of it?

    There is no side effect of 2D echo. You can discuss your concerns with your doctors.

  • Why is it necessary to get the 2D Echocardiogram done with your regular health checkups?

    As your age progresses, being consistent with your 2D echo along with your health checkup can help you in leading a healthy life. Appropriate and corrective action at the right time can keep the heart in good order.