Staffing for Radiology Services

  • In imaging services, selecting appropriate equipment is of utmost important. Administering the correct radiation dose and delivering excellent patient care are imperative where staffing is concerned.

    Patients endure longer waits for service, mistakes are made and staff, patients, physicians, and managers remain unhappy. Our mobile x-ray services make sure that they are meeting the needs of referring doctors and hospitals. Kingspoint leverage manpower and technology to do just that in lean times.

    Kingspoint Medical Imaging can help you put together a team that is not only experienced but organized and prepared to take up many challenges of the radiology as a whole. Your staff may consist of X-RAY technicians, MRI technicians, cardiovascular technologists, and more. With a help of Kingspoint Medical Imaging staffing services, you can ensure that you are hiring the best and brightest in the field for your organization.