X RAY in the house (mobile X-ray as well)

X Ray is a type of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate to the body and reveal images of the bones beneath it. The images can reveal signs of disease. With advance technology, Kingspoint Medical Imaging has led to more powerful and focused x-ray beams as well as greater applications of their light waves.

  • Why is an X-Ray performed?

      To examine an area where you’re experiencing pain and discomfort.
      Monitor the progression of diagnosed disease.
      To check how the prescribed medicine is working.

  • How can I prepare for X- Ray?

      Wear loose and comfortable cloths.
      You may have to wear a hospital gown for the test.
      Better not to wear any metallic item or jewelry when you come for X-Ray.
      Always tell your doctor or radiologist if you have metal implants from any prior surgery.
      For certain kind of x-ray, doctor may ask you to fast for a certain amount of time before x-ray is performed.

  • How the x-ray is performed?

      An x-ray technologist or radiologist can perform an x-ray.
      One you are prepared; your x-ray technician or radiologist will tell you how to position your body to create clear images.
      Technician may ask you to lie, sit, or stand in several positions during the test.
      In some cases, they may ask you to lie or sir on a specialized plate and move a large camera connected to a steel arm.
      It is necessary to stay still while the images are being taken.

  • Who interprets the result of an x-ray?

    A board certified radiologist will examine your result.